Product photography with composition

In the age of technology, it's hard not to notice how much visual content influences us. And the originality, variety and quality of that content today is truly enviable. Just look at the precision of the images that stare back at us in catalogues, magazines, websites, blogs, social networks and other sources! There's also no denying the fact that food presented in a particularly 'delicious' way, clothing photographed from the perfect angle, the quality of service and the result of that service are all truly 'hooking', encouraging people to take an interest in a product or service, and often to make a purchase as soon as possible. Today's consumers are certainly influenced by visual content, but don't think that just any visual content will do - with so much on offer and in so many options, it is usually the more creative, professional shots that show off the product's strengths that win customers' affections. If this is true for you too, then professional product photography is a service that should interest you. Visual information has a very important place in business. Attractive team portraits, curiosity-inducing product shots, photos representing services and other business photographs must be of high quality, accurate and create the desired image: solid, dreamy, romantic, witty or otherwise, depending on the specifics of the business, the products sold or the services provided.

Professional product photography services

Product photography should give the effect that a person would get from looking at the object in person. Precision and attention to detail are therefore essential. Professional photographs will reveal the most significant features of the item being photographed. The best way to do this is to photograph against a white background. Innovative 360-degree photography can do this particularly well, giving you the opportunity to see the subject from all sides. High-quality product photos are needed for e-shops, service websites, catalogues, promotional material, articles and more. Therefore, if you want your photos to perfectly show the essence and advantages of your products, to give as much information as possible to a potential buyer or other interested party, and to attract their interest, you can rely on the skills of our team.

If the buyer cannot actually see the product at the physical point of sale, then the virtual space needs to give them the widest possible opportunity to get to know the product they are interested in in a comfortable and easy way, and to get as much information as possible about it. Text is the best way to do that, you say? We can agree to a certain extent, but text is usually read when the photography catches the eye, so the primary focus is still on the visual information. And the latter can be really impressive today. 360-degree photography, for example, allows a potential buyer to view a product as if he or she were holding it in his or her hand: to turn it any way he or she wants, to zoom in on the elements of interest, to see how it works, or to look at its other features. This innovative solution is truly equivalent to buying at the physical point of sale. So it's your job to make sure that the customer has that opportunity.

Professional product photography is a service that requires modern equipment, a wealth of knowledge, experience, creative thinking and skills. Our team ensures a high level of professionalism and brings to life even the seemingly more difficult ideas of our clients.
We photograph both small and larger products, so don't worry if the product is bulky. It is sometimes not possible to bring products to the studio due to their size. This won't be a problem, as we can come to the location and provide the right lighting and all the equipment needed for the shoot. By the way, feedback shows that the best way to bring out the qualities of an object is to photograph the products against a white background.

1 - 3 working days

We use advanced equipment, so we guarantee perfect quality and accurate photos within 1-3 working days.

Prices from:

19,99 eur + VAT

Benefits and applications

  • enriches the content of the photo;
  • stimulates curiosity;
  • creates outstanding product photos;
  • increase competitive advantage;

Photographing objects with composition prices:

  • 1-20 pcs, different products -> pcs/29,99 eur + VAT
  • 21-50 items, different products -> pcs/26,99 eur + VAT
  • 51-100 items, different products -> pcs/23,99 eur + VAT
  • 101 pcs. and more different products -> pcs/19,99 eur + VAT

* prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the items photographed and the requested composition.

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