360 degree product video

We live in the age of technology, so it is not surprising that we can do many things online, for example, to buy a wide variety of things: books, dishes, furniture, household appliances, home textiles, plants and many others. Both growing competition and a large offer for consumers and the latter's pickiness encourage business representatives to look for ways to present their products as attractively as possible, how to "hook" an interested potential buyer and encourage him to buy. It's no secret that buyers often "love with their eyes", so the visual presentation of the product helps create a first impression, interest, and arouse curiosity. Ordinary static photos in today's context already have little chance to impress, and here is a 360-degree product video that takes product representation to the next level.

In the context of e-commerce stores, item photography is highly valued and given a lot of attention today. It is a tool that allows you to maneuver in the competitive battle and differentiate your products. However, 360 product videos will offer you even more opportunities than photography itself.

Professional 360-degree product video services

After receiving your product and clarifying your expectations, you will receive a filmed and fully prepared product video the very next working day.

Price per piece from:

5,90 eur + VAT

What items can be covered by the 360-degree video service?

Such filming can be applied to items of various sizes, shapes and weights: from stationery, cosmetics, perfumes, books, clothes, footwear to furniture, musical instruments, large household appliances, etc. 360-degree filming is done on a white background.

  • maximum product height: 2 meters
  • maximum product width: 1 meter
  • maximum product weight: ~100 kg

Professional 360-degree product video services

360-degree photography has gained a lot of sympathy, and 360-degree product videos expand the range of possibilities for sellers and potential buyers even more. Such a video will help reveal all the possibilities of the product, demonstrate its functionality and provide the maximum amount of information to the user, presenting it in a non-boring way.

As the reviews show, the 360 ​​product video product inspection is very close to the evaluation of the real thing. In the video, the product is revealed and presented in such a way that the user feels as if he is looking at it in real life, holding it in his hands, turning it and seeing even the smallest elements of the product. This gives you an opportunity not only to make a first impression, but also to compare different products and discover what will best suit your needs.

If you are interested in 360 product videos, we suggest you rely on our team. High-level tools, accumulated experience, and professionalism will allow you to meet your expectations and guarantee the maximum result.

Prices for 360-degree product video on a white background:

  • 1-20 pcs., different products -> pcs/14,99 eur + VAT
  • 21-50 pcs., different products -> pcs/13,99 eur + VAT
  • 51-100 pcs., different products -> pcs/12,99 eur + VAT
  • 101 pcs. and more different products -> pc/10,90 eur + VAT

* prices for photography of glossy, mirror-like or other complex surfaces are determined individually.

Actual 360-degree product video and you want to hire professionals for this work? Our team is ready to help. If the price of services, conditions, options and other information are relevant, please contact us by phone or come to our office in Vilnius.


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